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Espen Cook Road to Nowhere
Shop 28, Central Building,
1-3 Pedder Street, Central,
Hong Kong
Duration 24.02.2016 - 30.04.2016

In the intersections of paths through which our very existence manifests itself, the Road to Nowhere and the Road to Everywhere are situated very close to each other. And although the two are similar, they could not be more different. The options unfolding after selecting one particular direction, one road leading to happiness, one to misery, one to success, another to failure. Motivated by equal parts randomity, chaos, instinct, circumstance and consciousness, the final destination continually changes along the way.

Imagining your every movement in life jotted on a map, red dots underlining the distances most frequently travelled – thick, red lines between your childhood home and your school, between your first apartment and your part time job (underpaid, uncomfortable, though, you need the money to stay alive, simply), thin red lines, barely visible, knitting together the places visited more rarely. All roads traveled by yourself, for whatever reason. And for no particular reason.

The exhibition Road to Nowhere is fueled both by choice and chance, the excercise of repetition leading the hand that holds the brush to discover hidden paths, overgrown by habituality and prejudice. Recurring in many of the works is the symbol of the grid or the ladder, representing both the enforcing and bridging of borders; ladders, fences, bridges, roads, tracks. The ladder symbolizing the climb or struggle -the fence barriers and prejudgments. All combined, these metaphors represent life in its purest form; meaningless, meaningful, stupid, simple and complex.

The journey itself is the purpose.