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Espen Cook The Unknown Quantum Connection
189 Queens Road West, Sheung Wan

How does a word spell out to the illiterate?

From the perspective of the expatriate surrounded by an unfamiliar language, The Unknown Quantum Connection is based on the abstraction of lettering. Consequently, the practice comes close to developing its own calligraphy, the meaning of which is dependent on the observer, thus creating coincidental parallels to already existing signs and symbols.

A written symbol can be both meaningful and meaningless at the same time, the same way in which quantum physics tell us something can both exist and not exist simultaneously. Correspondingly, the vocabulary of The Unknown Quantum Connection is ambiguous. The seemingly nonsensical and the recognizable are intertwined, evoking both alienation and familiarity.

Inspired by traditional Chinese paintings, the works exhibited relate to both Eastern traditional techniques and materials, and to Western contemporary culture. The image repeated throughout most of the paintings is that of the two imperfect circles connected by a line, following the near incomprehensible idea of quantum physics where one single electron moves both through a slit and around it at the same time (yet neither), suddenly changing behaviour the second an observer is introduced.

The Unknown Quantum Connection represents the connection between all things, where the gap between the meaningful and the meaningless is constantly shifting. With quantum physics as a backdrop the exhibition explores the relationship between sign and meaning.

In nothing lies everything. Maybe.